In 1996 a small team of people started to help individuals and small businesses locally in California. Realizing they could help others nationwide, in 2000 that team founded CuraDebt. The company generally helps those with unsecured non-government debt and certain types of bills. No upfront fees are charged and most of the programs are offered in-house. They also have counselors with diverse financial backgrounds and work experiences and a network of local attorneys that they work with.


Program Variety

Depending what type of unsecured debt you may have CuraDebt has a variety of debt relief services to choose from. These include debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt negotiation, and tax relief services. On their website CuraDebt lists what debts and tax issues they can and can’t help with. They also post actual debt settlement letters from past consumers to illustrate some of their success.


  • Member of Better Business Bureau in Good Standing (BBB)
  • #1 rated with Top Consumer Reviews for Tax Debt Relief
  • 4.9 Star Rated on Shopper Approved
  • American Fair Credit Council Member in Good Standing. (AFCC)
  • International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators Certified Company (IAPDA)
  • US Chamber of Commerce Member

Program Costs

Once the consumer qualifies for the in-house debt relief program, a fee of 20%-21% or less is charged based on the monthly repayment schedule of the consumer’s total debt enrolled into the program.

Industry Reputation

With more than 16 years experience nationwide, CuraDebt has a good industry reputation. They have a very informative website explaining how they can help the consumer and what types of debt and tax issues they can help with. CuraDebt also has many positive reviews on websites such as Top Consumer Reviews, ShopperApproved, and CustomerLobby.


CuraDebt has little to no complaints against them. They are both members of NetCheck and HonestE with no complaints.

State Coverage

Not all of CuraDebt’s services is (are) offered in all states in the United States. Debt Relief Services are not available to residents of Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Tax Services are not available in Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico.

Overall Rating 6.2 (Very Good)

CuraDebt has been in the business for 16 years and has an informative website and excellent positive online reviews. They offer various programs for unsecured debt such as debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt negotiation, and tax debt relief. Some of the programs can be done in-house as well. They also offer a free credit restoration offer at the successful end of the debt relief program. CuraDebt doesn’t offer debt relief (services) to 18 states and doesn’t offer tax services to 2 states. While that is a downside, CuraDebt is a good company to work with.


  • Free consultation
  • Various debt relief program offerings including debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt negotiation, and tax relief services.
  • Informative website
  • Excellent online reviews
  • Performance debt relief is managed in-house by CuraDebt
  • Counselors with diverse backgrounds that can help the consumer
  • Free credit restoration after successful completion of the consumer’s debt program.
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